About us

The people who founded the company “Hellenic Groves P.C.” know well the pure flavor of extra virgin olive oil. Our family has been owning and cultivating olive groves of “Koroneiki” variety on Zakynthos Island over the previous two centuries.

On Zakynthos Island with its mild Mediterranean climate, plenty of rain in winter and continuous sunlight during the rest of the year, the cultivation of olive trees covering the largest cultivated areas is particularly favored and produces exceptional quality olive oil with great flavor and aromas.

Its existence is not only inextricably linked with the economy of the people, but was also the source of artistic creation since under an olive tree of the island, on the historic hill of Strani, the Zakynthian poet Dionysios Solomos inspired and wrote the Hymn to Liberty, which was later introduced as the national anthem of Greece.

Ελληνικοί Ελαιώνες hellenic groves Our grandparents of earlier generations proceeded with the construction of an oil-press in early 1900s. It operated in the traditional way with an immense cyclical stone (millstone) that was being pulled by a powerful thoroughbred horse. This process led to the production of olive oil of excellent quality with wonderful aromas.

The mill worked, with minor interruptions due to wars, until 1959 when it was stopped after the evolution of technology has replaced the millstone with automatic machines. From this period and then, until today, the preoccupation of the family expanded in the olive oil trading activity.

Having tasted the most refined olive oil variety and having accumulated knowledge and experience of so many generations, we believe that we can discern and provide you with the superior quality of the product.

That belief of is reinforced by our longing to contribute with all our forces in the promotion and establishment internationally of Greek olive oil, which is the first quality olive oil in the world, in the first place as it deserves, but also our desire for the current generation to discover and integrate into their diet the unique taste of pure and healthy Greek olive oil.

zakynthos olive oil

The Greek extra virgin olive oil was always there

  • in the evenings around the family table with parents and grandparents to tell a thousand stories, where the pure virgin olive oil has always been an integral part of the picture,
  • in the freshly baked on the stove traditional bread with freshly made (NIO) olive oil and oil cheese,
  • in freshly baked in the fireplace cinder potatoes with freshly made (NIO) olive oil and juicy lemon
  • in freshly stewed ragweed from fields with freshly made (NIO) olive oil and juicy lemon
  • in small daily pleasures such as traditional homemade bread with olive oil and sugar
  •   in traditional nut with olive oil, grated fresh tomato and oregano.

These incentives have led us to the establishment of our company and they constitute, together with the experience, knowledge and perseverance to produce only qualitative Greek virgin olive oil, fundamental values of its development.