Company Values

Our company is packaging only extra virgin olive oil of Koroneiki variety by applying at its premises precisely the national legislation that is fully harmonized with the EU directives. It complies with all requirements of the quality management system, ensuring excellent hygienic conditions during storage and bottling.

For the production of our products we use raw materials stringently selected, which we get from either our owned olive groves or from carefully-selected producers

hellenicg groves olive oil2
We cultivate our family olive groves in completely environmentally friendly methods, without the use of chemicals for fertilization and pest control. For fertilization we chop in the olive groves, the branches of olive trees that are cut during pruning. Then the elements of nature (sun, wind and rain) undertake the task of converting them into natural fertilizers.

We choose producers from whom we get olive oil primarily from Zakynthos, or between those who grow with “Integrated crop management systems” or among others, based on our experience and also on continuous laboratory quality control of raw material.

All olive oils we are packaging are produced by cold extraction in modern centrifugal presses.

hellenicg groves olive oil1 We store olive oil in our facilities under controlled conditions of temperature and lighting in stainless steel tanks built and certified in accordance with food safety standards.

We bottle with strictly controlled specifications that ensure both the quality and safety for the final consumer.