Organoleptic Evaluation Of Olive Oil

The recognition of organoleptic characteristics of olive oil requires training and experience. In terms of tasting olive oil, it is classified as follows:

  •   Fruity

Derived from fresh olives that have been collected with all rules of hygiene, unripe or ripe, it stimulates all of the senses of taste and smell and it is perceived directly through the nose but also from the back of the palate during a tasting exercise.

  • Bitter

Characteristic flavour of olive oil obtained from green olives or olives that begin to change color. How pleasant or not, it depends on the intensity of flavor and personal tastes.

  •   Spicy

Featuring the olive oil produced at the beginning of the period, mainly from olives that are still immature.

Creates strong kinesthetic sense, as it spreads throughout the oral cavity and dissipates a few seconds after the test, which distinguishes it from the rancid olive oil, whose feeling lasts and is uncomfortable.