We produce and distribute exclusively extra virgin olive oil whose acidity mostly is much lower than 0.5%, thus, it ranks as a top quality olive oil against the competition of extra virgin olive oils, where the oleic acid reaches 0.8%.

It derives from “Koroneiki” variety which has been recognized as high quality species for the highly aromatic olive oil that it produces.

It is grown in Zakynthos, which is one of the best areas for the cultivation of the “Coroneiki” variety, due to the extremely suitable climate conditions, produces excellent olive oil with deep-green color, aroma and taste.

It is obtained from olives solely by mechanical or physical processes (natural juice), and always in conditions of low temperature (cold extraction). The processing of olives in centrifugal mills that ensure temperatures less than 27o C of olive paste during kneading as well as in all other phases of treatment.

The unique ingredients make it an olive oil which stimulates the senses with its wonderful aromas while it contributes greatly to the improvement of health with its very high nutritional value.

The olive oils produced in Zante have been declared as protected geographical indication (PGI) provided that the producers abide by “integrated management systems”.

Here you can watch the production process, from the collection and processing of the fruit of the olive tree to olive oil extraction.